You look across me like the Neverland I am to you.
The wars brimming beyond my toes don’t scare you,
The spiritual blood splattered on my nose doesn’t trigger fear,
Because I am yours,
And wherever I am in the story,
You’ll find.

I turn away into the Armageddon booming beside me, feeling you flinch, falling behind until I reach back and pull your left arm around me, the only harness in this that works.

Elements rip worlds apart in my face, heros look up into skies, fists balled, no longer baffled, screaming like they See me as sound waves violently erupt from them.

Everything shifts to the fire that must start in the carnage, amongst shrapnel unfairly logged in future kings hearts. Disintegrating again and again in battles stacked against them, clawing their way blindly to a higher ground they can somehow see though they’ve lost all sense. A rebel yell rips out as bones break through each chest, moving forward en masse anyways tearing them the fuck apart with each step…

But still they somehow breathe.

Through it. Dying all over again, barreling towards the chance to be reborn, all that ever was in shreds-not needed this next time.

…Not your head pressed into me but your heartbeat through it, calm then erratic like you can see the nadirs I tear through pushing dark to light, pulls me back, closer, into a future strung up between that battlefield and where I’ll fully wake to. Everything feels warm as your fingers sleepily trace spirals in the sulphur and soot scattered across the upper reaches of my thighs, and where there was once the flames of hell, where I’d just so recently been fire, you bring cool wind, cold, ice, raining down into the canyon cut across me until all that isn’t necessary for this coming day is doused.

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