…A picture says a thousand words. #Lookclosely.

…Look at the map behind this guy. Lol- Why did they place the huge white house logo smack dab in the middle of Russia while talking about imposing sanctions on Venezuela?

… Because mindfuckery is a helluva drug And they are enjoying themselves lolol. #siberianbloodbrothersshitlol

I’m just saying lol… As a- shall we say ‘frequent(?)’ Giver of inappropriately sly yet public ass-slaps to whomever I am- Shall we say ‘dalliancing the bejesus out of’ as a show of demented territorial…shall we say acumen(?lol)…

I’m actually rather impressed with this one.


& don’t blame me for pointing it out so blithely! I write apocalyptic trigger dark fantasy lit. We’re all going to die anyway! May as well enjoy the show!lol

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