Anuraga, honey~/#Globalboho.

On a wet day in Sausalito, finding the right spot for your incense to play with the vapors of eucalyptus trees outside of open windows is an art form in itself lol.

The copal cones and I are happily making the acquaintance of one another for the first time.

I love the hand rolled sticks- a friend in Venice introduced me to “the homeowners path” kind of real beyond the resin we used to scatter in the medicine woman’s fire and now I do my best to keep a stash of them on whatever altar I slam together wherever I go. The copal cones are somehow more intense and lighter simultaneously.

I’m lighthearted thanks to scrubbing down with frankincense, coating myself with myrrh, lighting the copal, throwing the windows open to the smell of wet eucalyptus, juniper, rain and the ocean (two wetnesses that smell very diff, btw) and tucking myself directly under my lil heater as 852hz and crashing waves compete for my attention binaurally lol.

Craving chai &pineapple, both of which Are downstairs…but the current cloud has me opium den languid like lol.

…Is it too early to be this olfactorily tuned in & turned out on an empty stomach? Perhaps.

Then again… Saturdaze.

Enjoy yours.


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