Bullseye. A song.

“…The lengths a man who was too cowardly to handle you will go to… To try to make sure no one fucks with you and finds out he’s a pussy…are LEGENDARily deep.

GOD is deeper.

…Stop trying to block Love from my life.

Ten years ago God sent me to help you.

Your desire to fuck with children (that your “friends” helped enable) kept you from receiving Me Or that help. For Eight years.

…Do not come for me. Now. It’s too late.

And if you come for him again I will kill you- Better yet, I’ll let one of your victims do what they’ve been chomping to for 3yrs…instead of Still protecting you out of pity & love.

There’s no crime in my having loved you. That can’t be said for who you’ve chosen to fuck with for decades.

I’m not the issue, nor Anything I’ve done to you.

YOU are.

Your infected disbelief fucked what God was trying to do For you with me. Your inability to receive love fucked you into fucking kids in lieu of angels.

Don’t be mad at me for finding peace with that shit.

That you see God looking at Him for me after the years it took to mourn you… Shouldn’t alarm you.

You’re late. He already showed up. And trauma over you I identified with blocked me from receiving him. I already fucked that up. It took a year to the day to forgive myself.

So in a weird way You’ve already “won” on that one. Even bigger than the lie you Smith‘d.

But I forgave you.

I forgive you Even now.

…but your child…that I love…should really come GET you. Your actual one. Not whatever kid you’re fucking around with now.

…fuckashould mode?

L E A V E H I M A L O N E.

God gave me gut-wrenching empathy for the pedophiles my characters kill in my books from fucking around with you. Hoping you, a victim yourself, could be healed in the heart & head until I bled tears.

You’re jealous of him over something I’ve already ruined.

But you will leave him alone. He’s been through enough. Your ass is not going to torment him over me.

Planes will fall from the fucking sky before I let you get away with any harm you try to do to him.

NOBODY made you Research but You.




He already knows you’re a pedophile, too. “

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