gb spirit

Globalboho gratitude on the road.

That the  spirit book kids are conspiring with God to  get me to create items of wearable art that line up with Empyrean style, treating me like an ambassador for the world being built out in this series. .. Is Epic. That, unbeknownst to me this privately run residency is in a landscape nearly identical […]


Rise to meet it, Globalbohostyle…

People tend to have a rosy , flimsy idea of what a “residency” is for a creative person, and there are as many varieties of them as there are artists, but for the most part I feel an unspoken level of culture shock plays a major factor in posting oneself at  each locale.  Your  ability […]


Globalbohotrek : desert companions.

They talk about the absence of color in the desert but it is such a misunderstood color palette. You’ve never seen green until you’ve seen a cactus burst back to life the morning after a desert rain. Colors are given the heavy due they deserve in the desert. The dragonflies out here are vermilion red […]