…that “had to get smaller workout gear cuz mah 🐅 leggings were sliding off mah~whathaveyous” …look. Lol.

I beat the fuck out of leggings(paint lol) & don’t like flashing “heaven” when I downward dog unless I’m doing it on purpose (#nakedyogalol:*) so I never messed with lululemon.

I DO dig Aloyoga… Whoever is helming their design room gets real Bladerunner real fast &I love it lol, and the exaggerated lengths are like gaaaah.

Unless Fabletics changed up their construction they’re a good spot to stock from too if you are also a broad decimator of leggings lol. They used to be my go-to. The 5Ks I’ve done I trained for and ran wearing them. I just haven’t ordered from them in years.

Lots of people were raving about the Tesla compression, squatproof-ness and the price point online last year so I tried them. This is my third pair of Tesla leggings in a year. The first pair looks good as new, too. Think it’s a Korean brand. Double phone/water bottle pockets- you feel like you have armour wrapped around your stems lol But in a good way.

Keep feeling the nudge to stock up before they blow up…or Elon Musk gets on the brink of shutting them down for copyright infringement until they send him a pair lol. They may end up going to space lol. They’re kinda That good. Like Star Trek, now(which is a while nother pending post lol).

Men’s and women’s. I think the men’s are a bit harder to find. All lengths, cuts, rises. Like Peanuts! Peanuts, I tell ya. They’ve made every hike I’ve handled out here their bitch lol, held me upright and got me home all dusty when I was comically cussing getting up TO wolf ridge then realizing how much it was gonna take to get my ass back lol. Which may explain the downsizing in evening thing else lol.

And yeah…the feiyues and I are still having illicit relations lol. Wii the fuck finds the perfect tennis shoe for them at age 43?!

Life is weird.


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