Crow Flow.

Another cool thing that occured yesterday concerned the theoretical pets of my spiritual elder siblings. A crew that I call my “neighbors.”

There’s a hawk and a pair of giant Crows/ravens that lookout for me all the time. It’s an oddly comforting experience that stands out even in a small eucalyptus grove where six different species of owls reside and egrets summer because these guys stunt everytime I head out. Loudly. But yesterday they were just Ridiculous.

Life registers to me in a weird key as it is, but it’s always very cool when I can truly howl “did you See that?” When the animal kingdom starts pulling shenanigans & there’s a witness.

The husband crow took off when I did, slicing through the air above me as I headed towards the big hill I have to drive down to escape the bend.

He was glorious as usual, but as I pulled to a stop at the bottom of the hill he dropped out of the sky and landed in the middle of the sidewalk, standing proudly at over two feet tall…And Looked at us. Then he Marched the rest of the way Across the white lines Gestapo-style, spindly lil legs kicking up in the air, looking me dead in the face as I happily fussed, my teacher as laidback “What the hell?lol” as he could be, bemused.

Crow sprightly hopped up On the sidewalk, fn bowed and let me go on my way. If he’d had a top hat he would’ve tipped it.

There was a witness lol.

But the hawk? I Felt it coming. Was surprised it didn’t swoop down as I was on the cliff hugging roads because it loves to tag me hiking. But not this time.

On the other side of the damn near donut lol The Hawk… Dropped out off the sky and coasted in front of us, wings spread wide so I could sing out over its markings like I always do.

Instructor was like “Whoa~”

I felt really loved by the grid & God’s other children on the other side of that, like everyone on Mount Olympus and across the rainbow bridge were up there cheering me on.

I am a lil achy this morn in the headlands- there’s a bug that may have winged me & landed a blow to my left side(#slightlybodiedlol) -but I intend to take that cared for animal totem energy into today. Looked after.

I absently told someone here with a group of “a different world” esque college kids on retreat about my Poseidon point down the road. Called it the perfect sunset spot if you weren’t going to walk to the beach, absently referring to it as my tai chi spot. It is but, once again, it was the first time I’d said it out loud as such because I’m on my own bead out here.

As I was lighting the fire a kid came up who’d gone with the girl. He leaned in and got all shyly “I got Tha motts” with me.

“What time do you do tai chi there and can I go with you tomorrow?”

It was so out of left field hearing someone else bring it up that putting the 2 & 2 together fell out of me before I could shush myself lol. And all my “ah…she Told you…Well technically I wasn’t planning to tomorrow-“? He energetically ✂ through allll that with the most lil kid “TAkE mEee~!” Beseeching Eyeball glower I’ve been hit with in a while lol, a minimalistic, fumbling tho pointed Jedi mind grip attempt.

“Okokok-I’m heading over around 10am-” I grumbled shyly, loner hackles up.

“Good… Everyone else will be eating,” he blushed happily & moseyed on.

I…have actually kinda forgotten how it feels to do Tai chi With someone else. Not even doing the whole progression, just the lead in exercises before dissolving into playing with the energy. But I’ve gotta admit it… I Kinda like the whole “IF that spot moved you to Bogart me like that, lets go” Angle. If he shows, he shows. For all I know he might have more of it coursing through him than me.

It’s a truly epic place to play with energy at any time of the day. It’s not the side Shaolin monk who came to challenge Bruce Lee used to do his evening exercises in, but it is a badassed spot. This glorious view in front of you with the valley veering off to your right behind you, galloping back towards the bridge. That it was appreciated as such…is appreciated lol.

It’s funny.

That used to be one of my things. Desires. Intents. Was on the list for eons, especially after nola in the museum with the crew.

Someone to do tai chi with in the morning or afternoon, whenever I got around to doing it or needing it. Think that’s why it was so jarring. The kid-brothering yowl. He may not even show up (mini-me flicks long white sifu beard in her sleep) but I instantly felt the whole “remember when you said~” daring me off in the cut to say nope just so it could ring in my ears.

Guess I should at least walk In it, given the opportunity.


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