February Moviehead line-up…

Don’t know if it’ll be this order or what will bogart in but these are this month’s movie marathon recruits.

Also kinda blissed in an “It All Makes Sense!” Sort of way Because I just found out Tarsem Singh who directed IMMORTALS(yaaaay!!!…cough*)…also was behind The Cell, one of my all time favorite movies. The Cell is so cut into me that I read the script and was able to replay 90% of the movie in my head as I did. Couldn’t recall the parents. Anyway.

I DO know I’m starting with doomsday book in like 5 minutes.

(The exterminating angel is the 1962 one, not the french soft core one)

…if you’re game, let’s gooo!lol.


Allot of these have been seen. I watch differently now. Kinda wild.

There’s a second rung wishlisted out but not until these are consumed.

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