F!FUQUA Fn got me!

Finally let myself watch Equalizer 2. Always dig when Denzel gets to kill lol.

It was just shy of slow but it made you get into the story, made it sit with you, like molasses.

This is not a review. This is to own, regardless of the unsaid review that the Sammy arc had me verklempt at the end, screaming dammit at the screen because I knew fn Fuqua got me. A tear even levitated off the surface of mah eyeball and just sat there suspended in my lashes lol. Cruel, maan!

Well played.

The last kill was the best. It wasn’t the hammer of the first movie- to this Day that one makes my eyes water with sweet, sadistic joy-but there was a Lot of. ..Cutlery in this film.

Getting to see Black men be all the way badassed on film. Not just as the also ass-whupping sidekick. #thatpart. Shout out to Keith Ward & that alley brawl with my Rowdy Roddy Piper, RIP.

Huge. Unspoken Societal shift. & I say that growing up on action movies (&wwf before it became wwe).& I love how Fuqua elegantly addressed the real world side of all that without preaching.

Saw the trailer for the Rock & Statham’s spin-off late last night. Leitch is helming it( co-JohnWick’er, Deadpool’ah). It looks cool but I gotta tell ya… Elba?

Even in the Trailer he underscores he really doesn’t Need to be Bond. His villain looks like “Motherfuck?!!” Already.

Please let him be a full-on motherfucking nightmare villain for the love of God &country!

That is all.


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