Fn MacGyvering machinery and the fuck that of 25%/#Globalboho.

The PT has been working on my pelvis (odd sentence), & the Osteopath gave me a new move to add to his prescription to pull knots out my shoulders.

But he also scared me.

Told me that after 40 if you have an injury and try to heal there’s a chance you could end up losing 25% of your muscle strength elsewhere in like seven fucking days.

I’d been asking for overall exercises to do to help from jump just on instinct but beyond the pelvic reset stuff and saying “mmm~yoga” focused there they weren’t giving an inch.

If I’d have listened to myself, my body going “we gotta do xyz!” at the start of this (However panicked it tumbled out of me), perhaps Sunday wouldn’t have happened. Especially with all my VFIT stuff.

What I’ve had to reframe is the exercises I was doing prior to this. The yoga they said to try included the positions I’d incorporated at the top of the year & done for 3 months consistently.

It’s taken A lot of work to let it register that it’s very possible that if I Hadn’t answered That intuitive call then, IF this injury was cosmically assigned regardless (due to teachables & sacral spiritual final exams) this all could’ve been MUCH Worse.

Because in response to peaceably almost finishing the collage way back then there was this bizarre spiritual attack/threat of being unable to walk that came through the ether. Like “slow down or else.” I’d responded that “if God went there, so be it, but I’ll keep collaging even if I can’t walk.” Which I think surprised me as much as the pit of hell that shit came from lol.

After that 25% thing-which Would’ve been nice to know at jump to be proactive, ya know?lol-but I guess I get the whole “chick, focus on fixing this first” thing- I took it to God.

God said exercise.

So I did what he said, while sifting through the archives of what bodhi’d said with a sense of self-advocacy through all this. Then, God satisfied, I picked up my stick.

(I have a stick. I should name it. It’s been with me a while lol)

Though I love taichi & fencing and in my intended life do both on a very regular basis, my favorite Chinese martial art weapon is the Qiang spear.

Stick fighting in general, but that lil red feather tickles me, has always soothed my spirit. Shaolin staff work is right there with it and for six months or so-since September- I’d been incorporating basic stick work very casually into my laidback VFIT regimen, pregaming the dream of one day diving into that whole-hog.

Can you imagine? I mean, my legs are 4ft long and the tall guy who always appears near the climax of martial arts films, all huZAah-zah with his pants legs swishing through the air at lightning speed(that’s the sound of the fabric lol)? He’s always cool & cobrastrike like…it’s a no-brainer, really…but my wingspan is already six feet-plus. I’m already as much of a surprise slapper as my gramma used to be, all I’m all the way over here but Wham-isms& ish. Imagine me spearing mofos with the added reach of that! I mean, how could I not be smitten by the possibilities in such a tool?

But as of late I’d just been propping myself up on it to paint and draw (&to calm the f down) as a load-bearer so my back wouldn’t whine as loudly.

I pulled shit Sunday pulling apart shit so I started doing moves to gently mimic that, that Stuart Lanfang song pacing me. In the middle of that my back muttered, wishing for rowing machines- which was the First thing I’d said to the doctor at our first meeting.

I looked around, thinking there had to be a gentle way to get that effect and MacGyver’d a makeshift rowing machine off my bed with resistance bands, the stick & blocks, the spirit of Joseph Pilates* by my side cheering me on lol.

I was gentle. Got winded. Back cussed but I’m not sure on which side said garbled cussing fell lol. But I did it. I’ll check in with the doctor to see if this is okay this afternoon.

But I have to do something.

I enjoy affectionately popping people too much to just sit back & lose 25% of my strength up top trying to get the bottom back in order. The pain of Sunday can’t happen again. It’s not allowed. I have to get better.

Besides…Keanu Reeves used to break his leg allatime. & it came back to where He’s like taken bumpers off cars in actual accidents. Even in John Wick that fn leg is led with. Either he’s crazy(…he’s probably crazy lolol) OR~Or…or…he was able to make it come back stronger. Yes I know it’s a movie But I’m talking about the embedded allegory inspiring in everyday life, people! Lol-

…maybe I can do that with this back.


*Pilates came about his program after an accident or sickness left him bedridden, given up for lost. He said “Je m’en fou cette merde!” And rigged a system of belts/pulleys on the bed to use his body weight to build his body back up. PenUltimate MacGyver lol. I think that is how the Cadillac came about, machine I love & miss having access to.

& Don’t mock my bad French lol, tell me the correct way to say “Fuck this shit!” In French lol.


I’m guessing the stick has christened itself MacGyver, huh?lol. And so it is.

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