…Friday’s moment of Zen.

…that feeling of getting to bless one who has been a blessing to you is so EPIC.

I just got to comp the much needed getaway of someone integral to Venice happening at all. And I’m overwhelmed to the point of laying out on the floor with my chest cracked open because I never ask for anything… I shy away from it, really. Just keep my head down and handle the gig.

But soon as I asked this my boss all but exclaimed “Yes!”

I was shook lol.

…It’s cool we…can do this for our peeps…give them this when they need it. Knowing they’ll GET it.

I…feel so blessed all the time out here. The battles have come from my refusal to be anything But that here. &I’ve stood my ground.

Getting the chance to help someone who has helped you have space for your vision- there’s nothing like it. It’s really my only outside motivation, even in the jobs I used to dream of having. Getting to participate in that give back because you know who you were before being impacted by whatever work they’ve done compelled every collab gig ever gone for. It’s a desire it took years for me to get many no longer understand.

Anyway, it’s been in full swing this week in the sweetest ways. And I’m singing out about them because we Need to. More than all this bad…what good went on? What blessings did you dance with?

The bad-assed arthead that encouraged me to leap off the mountain of Taos & return to Sedona for interim Group arthead bliss to config for next…is opening her show in Sedona tonight… And iiii bellowed that announcement from the hilltops lol. The tribe that loved on me is gearing up like a motherfuck to go celebrate her heading in to see exactly why my eyes were shining so brightly over them all. Maan, every “OooO~” every “sending in x, y, z, q and Mary-” I got in response made me sing. Sedona is about to show out for her & she has No clue lol. & it feels good.

It is so funny too, because things have been trying to position themselves as a weak counter to all that GOOD energy so inefficiently. The craziest old energetic attacks have been rising up to try it only to be obliterated with the truth. Emails out of nowhere, folks getting diff numbers to text in to try things, schedule shit, even the stuff that went down with that kid-

I’ve been in some gleeful variant of “Here-hold my fuckin Beer~”mode every time lol. That Seraphim stique is thaa sheeeeeeet! Lol. Buckshotting like a motherfuck, going straight “Oh Gommorah got shit to-WHaM!” lol, hearing God cracking up because he knows my love of expertly handling holy firepower lol has been so subdued for so long. I’ve been wilding the fuck Out, hair swinging, Smoting moFos in the face with tha TRUTH lol, walking past like Arnold as they slink to the floor in shock, all “she actually responded?!Fuck!” with their chests caved, my ass clad in Heavenly leather(the ripped off etheric skin of God’s enemies lmao), kicking charred, still burning spiritual carcasses out my way as I go lol.

(…for the visual lol.)

He’s been fully in that “your words will not return to you void” mode, too. It’s been WiiiiiiiLd.

He’d had me speak bluntly in a few directions TO people, warning them to choose correctly on things that had nothing to do with me either way. They’d yeahyeahyeahed, waved me off.

Every thing he led me to say to them came so explicitly to pass that they came back spooked, to do right by what they’d intended to fuck Because where they went belly of the beasted them.

I only found out after their self corrections, too. I didn’t need to know, you know? Nothing I’d said was of me. It was actually For them.

And through all of that, and all the stuff that went down with that kid, he’s still let me be Productive.

And lined up with LOVE.

…it’s been…FUN.

It’s a new Age.

God is leading me to move in gruff love, speak on certain things, no thought or care for how I look being the messenger. To help.

But if they don’t listen, it’s on him. The clock is spooling diff, y’all.

Heed ‘Him where ya hear him because apparently he’s done repeating himself.

And Help others.

Wherever you can be a blessing BE IT.

…The clock has shifted.

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