Globalboho.Life : Pesca-Who? But why???? #immatellyouwhyrightnow #Septembrianstealthish

Yeah… so um~
(I feel my carnivores clutching pearls like I’ve been turned or something~ lol)…
Outside of an amazing seared  Bison New York steak  that I had across the last two days of August( *carnivorous sighs of  relief) and the duck that I made in honor of the actual birthday… I’ve basically only been eating fish for all of September and the better part of August.
What? Ginormous fresh sardines, dover sole and juicy, broiled salmon belly primarily-
…no idea.
I mean, it may be that I live alongside pristine stretches of black sand on the coast of California above San Francisco and I just got caught up in the actual glory of God.  Or that I’m in a gourmet foodie pod of humans with pretty much everything at our fingertips as a perk of the gig, delivered to our doors in the middle of woods sandwiched sweetly between the ocean and all the glory that is growing up through Napa valley-
I’d wanted to “do” it- BE a Pescatarian- ever since living in Miami, especially after getting turned out on Kobia and Grouper down in Eleuthera. I even did it for a month building out GB30/ ether:REAL down in New Orleans on the other side of going vegetarian for a month with Tony Robbins and 6000 other firewalkers on adrenaline. Actually, the energy was cleaner on Veggies in  New Orleans- which blew my mind, but in hindsight, much of the fish on offer in NOLA is shellfish and bottom feeders like catfish, so that may have played a part in it just being “okay,” even though I Loved shellfish.

But what I really think it is…is that I was ready to walk it out as life instead of as a “Lifestyle Task.”   Kept it simple. Just only got  fish to use in meal preps.  Any pushback was evaporated by the whole “You’re in the woods, this is what you’ve Chosen to order in, weekly prep it, eat it & enjoy it.” simplicity of it all. And I must say this has been different. It was done consciously, but without going all dumb deep about it.
Which is the why behind this evening’s tadah.  If you’ve Ever had a freshly caught and grilled sardine or the juicy salmon you get with sashimi or sushi, you clearly can get my #healthydecadence incentive. #Fattyfishisgoodforyou. The older you get, the better the fats that are in oily fish are for you on multiple levels. I’m talking the endocrine system to the whole wrinkle thing, to brain health.
…my suggestion?
Try it.
Keep it simple.
You don’t know how to clean a fish? Learning how to will create new synaptic connections and eating it will lube those connections up.
& Fuck all the marinades. Keep it simple. Get you some good salt, some cayenne, a lil ginger, soy…and open up to enjoying the texture for what it is, inspired by what it does for you once consumed. By week three my body was outright Craving it when it got close to time to eat…like it used to crave coffee. THAT? was deep.
All the hiking that’s been afoot has been on fish, rice and greens… as well as all the painting, the writing[blogs, iG AND Prose]-

fish seafood market sea
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Ah! and( I almost forgot)… Get it with the face on if you can. Fish. Or ask your fishmonger to filet it for you and give you the bones and the face.
I think what amplified the effects of relying primarily On fish had to do with making my bone broth from the bones and heads after butterflying them.
I’m already a big believer in the whole Bone Broth mystique- I grew UP with the generation above us using everything as well as in a home with a crock pot and parents throwing cuts of meat in before work for us latchkey kids to nosh on after school. We all were giants, with hair tumbling all over the place, and I don’t think any of us broke any bones growing up, which is saying a lot because we were a rowdy bunch. But fish head soup is very well known in Asian cultures for its health benefits…which are in line with the Omega 3 amps of fatty fish in general.  & Yes, you can season the broth. This is pointed towards the nutritive spectrum. You have  a right to enjoy what you ingest as much as you have a right to ingest things that will have you operating at more optimum levels in whatever you’re up to in life.
As for me…am I sticking to it?
I have an interesting month ahead of me.  One that it may be best to be regimented for, foodwise. I have been so surprised at how much better this spin on the pescatarian wheel has been that it has given me pause.
Because, as I said, the last time I was walking all of this out fully, the month Vegetarian was ten times better than what it felt like on fish. I’m curious if, with this riding this pescatarian wave having been as powerful as it has been, what testing out Vegetarian may be like the second time around. We’ll see.

I will say the I love you bison nom-nom-nom-nom-nom lead-in [something officially advised against, supposedly] and the roasted duck bday treat was perfect pitch. To crave seafood on the other side of purely enjoying those meals was a wonderful experience for me, frankly said, something I would have never envisioned if I’d spazzed out about the whole thing from an ego perspective. Figure out what your factor in would need to be.
Maybe you need to have a recourse planned once a week from however you choose to do. And by “recourse” I mean a slab of whatever reminds you this is all fun and you’re doing this to sleek up your engines.
Know what I HAVE been missing?
Liver. If it pops up on the grid that may be MY recourse this next month. We’ll see.
…could you give up meat for a month- for fish or vegetables, eggs and dairy, or however- without making a big deal out it?
You have eight days to get your head in the game to go for it if you want to come along.

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