SURPRISED!!!!Happy (523rd) Birthday from the Seabold Cellars team!

That grin is bona fide! Totally surprised!
…I was going to take the day off but jumped into assisting with brix measurements & botrytis sorts for Pinot Gris grapes this morning.  The birthday thing only came up because one of the other interns said her husband’s birthday was today & i hooted “Mines too!” before I could catch myself because I  like mah 913 people very much lol. But really I  was coming from this place of realizing that being Here in Monterey  county, working my first wine harvest as an intern was what I’d wanted to give myself for my birthday anyway. I’ve waited so long for this to line up and i love it! & I really dig the team I’ve been able to patch into. I haven’t had a full day off yet but I don’t even mind. It’s been that fun-& it’s so hard not to just dish because it’s for the book.
All day I’ve had friends pinging me from all over the planet with love,  cheers and goofiness-yall did me so good & I’m grateful as fuck for the whole Lot of ya-needless to say my reserved virgoan birthday joy was already full, hours deep.  But to look up at the knock on the door&see them come in waving a #hoeygaarden #whiteale from #alvaradostreetbrewery at me & this perfect cake  aflame (moist, airy  almost wedding cake with a light yet rich cappuccino buttercream frosting) really made my heart leap lol.
I’m feeling very loved right now.  A great birthday on the road is a glorious thing.

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