Good morning, Starshine… #globalboho.

Made this a ways back.

…Have been guinea pigging it a few weeks to chart it’s effectiveness.

It’s a balm, a riff on traditional bear grease. I’ve been hunting bear tallow online for over a year But Canada isn’t allowed to sell theirs, it can’t be sold across state lines, & even in California with a huntable bear population, it’s hard to come by.

Used sheep’s tallow instead, spliced with sea buckthorn berry oil & resin oils. Works everywhere.

Massaged into my face it’s a revelation. Kneaded into my scalp it is a revolution.

Turns out tallow has similar properties to what naturally nourishes the surfaces of us from the inside-out when all is well within us.

There you have it, your morning zen lol. Have a good day.


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