…had a dream. Bön tradition type stuff.

This guy got angry at me for catching him trying to sneak in. Beautiful Indian-looking demon, named Hassan. Arrogantly evil. His friends told him to chill &leave. That the were other programs to get into.

He was incensed he’d been caught by unassuming me. Thought he was dealing with a lowly clerk. When I picked up the phone to call the police to remove him since he didn’t want to pay he charged into the office & attacked me in front of guests…

With a pencil.

Wrong end of it though.

Tried to violently rip the receiver out of my hand. The pencil missed my jugular and went through my hair as I calmly woke up.

I looked around, grumbled a bit…and I laid back down.

Consciously went right back into the dream. That one. The exact moment.

Elbowed him roughly in the face and then Bashed his fucking beautiful, evil face in with the telephone that had been in my hand. Beat the fuck out of his demonic ass, knocking him back out of the office into a heap in the center of the crowd that had seen me get attacked. Then I pulled out my phone and videotaped the aftermath… then woke back up.

…Bemused he tried to half-ass John Wick me.

I’ve only done that slide back into a dream to finish stuff a few times in my entire lucid-dreaming life.

It wasn’t the cajones. It was the calmness that pervaded. Instead of balking about why I was targeted As I was beating demons in a dream… I’ve gotten surprisingly mellow, almost ambivalent.

I woke up all “… That was fun~”

Icouldn’t do that like that before.

Tibetan Dream Yoga is a trip.

Sabbatical is over, I guess.


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