#HigherGround. #globalboho.

Today wasn’t shit, surprisingly enough.

Still got all “chop wood, carry water.” Hit marks, took classes, did my “job” fully…And let myself be where I’d landed due to last night, fully. Triggered. So it could rest in peace, departing from me.

There were perks.

…Actually was thanked. FOR handling it. Sincerely.

And being on God’s timetable shift had me arrive at the main building After this same guy called & got into it With someone else, incensed at being kicked out.

Also was handed a gift from Hawaii. Chili powder dusted macadamia nut turtle clusters. Lol.

But the best was coming down to the greatest grid gift, especially after all that last night.

A composer friend of a friend’s friend had passed and was giving away guys epic vinyl collection …finding new homes for it.

I’d campily yowled “bring me one!lol” when asked why I’d grinned that I’d been married to Mozart( don’t ask lol), dug Vivaldi and I loved to write to baroque music. Listed it OUT dutifully like a five year pleading her case for a puppy outta nowhere.

I was waved off straight whateva lol And promptly forgot my shenanigans.

On Maybe two full hours of sleep and a head full of morning sessions all the same I came down into this neat little pile of vinyl below.

He’d acted like he hadn’t been lookin’ out, paying my antics NO mind as usual But he Had been. Down to that 1934 set of the Marriage of Figaro lol.

It was like the best “don’t worry, i got you~” the forest could give lol.

I’ve already listened to the Brahms album twice while working today. Beautiful.

I work again tomorrow, then have another much needed set of three off to focus on my stuff, but I’m so seeing me fitting a listening party into all of that.


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