It all begins with a beat…down.#GlobalBohotrekprep

They were stuck on me. 
I couldn’t give them away.  I tried.  I am Ojai[just shy of ok] with sunflower seeds. Hulled. &sunflower seed nut butter is actually quite fantastic. 
It was the shell,  or rather the shelling necessary that had them languishing in the cupboard as everything dwindled down to brass tacks leading in to a potential  trek prep. I just kept getting flashbacks of mounds of those shells on the floors of public buses after nasty-assed kids with no home training got off as a child . 
But One of the core things  taken with trek-wise is granola, usually bob’s red mill even though my own IS now legendary on the other side of that 2 year dolce vita breakfast catering gig in new Orleans. Why Bob’s ? Easy.  Blocks of it ride easy in a suitcase & minimal add-ons. 
However, here i was at the end of scoping LA with all the ingredients to MacGyver  together a bulk stash of granola and those sunflower seeds and I both got let’s make it work.  My budget was even like “They are in!& They’re full of too much fiber, copper & Vitamin E to leave behind!”lol.
So the bashing began.

I won’t tell you what I brazenly beat these with to set the captives free…But i will show you my face after relaxing into the exercise …
 Anyways,  the trick is to smash them then boil them, but you’re still going to have to pick through the carnage for your precious kernels.
But this was a #foodprephack like no other… because what I had an overabundance of on hand were instant oatmeal packets doused in maple syrup &brown sugar, cinnamon, plain oats, grape nuts & green apples. I saw many recipes for making BArs out of those packets but never just granola, with folks doing all this sifting,  adding egg whites,  blah blah blah.
We all know I’m healthily decadent, but I’m also” cut to the fn~chase” about things. The powder? Sugar…&whatever else they’re adding to it these days to make it bind together in the bowl &our guts, making us crave more. So I decided it was time to see if winging it with my angelic granola specs was wise or willy fn widiculous.

Turned out perfectly fine when mixed with regular oats & oil, keeping out extra honey or maple syrup. 
It Actually  turned out better because these weren’t rolled or instant but instead somewhere in between,  and i prefer my granola less clumpy so whatever i splice in stands out. Anyway, after the oats cooled,  I made half the bowl these old-school guys.  

Yall know me & my” uncle sam-since 1924 same recipe”  non-effed with cereal stance.  #grapenuts went back to basics, took all the gmo soy/ chemvitamin additions out. Kudos to them for doing it,  too.
So in it went…alongside the laboriously hulled sunflower seeds.
During that whole time I was making apples into homemade applesauce and oven-dried apple chunks [which they make sound much more complicated than necessary #dontburnem. #Butalmostdo. Done lol… ]… that I added after mixing everything together. As for the oven dried apples? Jeez! I had to hurry up and mix them in to stop acting like an apple slwhore, nibbling on them.

In the end,  this turned out rather cool. 
It Tastes great… and due to all that “To bake or not to bake grapenuts~” reconaissance,  which are,  by definition neither nuts nor grapes but instead wheat &barley baked to that hard texture anyway…it was more about bringing the oats To that texture than doubling down on it. 

…and the applesauce? 
This was my second batch of it,  ever… and it may be just the thing to get me off yogurt. It’s that good…and right now it is attempting to turn another batch of  theoretically lazy-assed, #usewhachahave angelic granola into…you guessed it… BARS.
That’s right.
Granola Bars.
The Moby Dick to my Ishmael  in the arena of #GlobalBohoexperiments. 
It looks like its working, too.
We’ll see.

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