#Kokopellimapress fest/ 2019.

Today was the first meeting of the year for Kokopellima Press.

It lasted about two hours & the publishing pipelining map I’d been gnawing on the past two quarters was officially set, with outside accountability buffers effectively positioned.

That I’m almost at a place where I can afford to have an assistant boggles the mind. That it’s needed to make sure I can focus on the writing I must do…and that emotionally I’m actually ready for the dynamics that come into play delegating is so beautiful. Because I know the work it took to get here.

It’s kinda crazy.

I intend a set of hands to do xyz so I’m open to be a set of hands helping others cover p’s&q’s on my way to Xanadu… If I want to. Or to hole up all the more hardcore.

I’ve worked hard factoring Mobility into my arc. It never crossed my mind that one day I’d be [totally small scale] headhunting a No.2 to run pragmatic interference so I can stay put if that’s what the heart wants.

I must thank that work residency with Andrea Zittel for even opening my eyes to how effectively something like that could be configured. What I need to fill is wholly a different animal, but I would have otherwise not had eyes open in that way to see my particular beast.

This is where connecting with other female artists a little older and younger than me has changed my life.

Because no matter how collective-oriented they may be, every Arthead woman is an island unto herself making her way. Nobody’s story is the same, no one’s path or process matches or even has to. But the life or death necessity of finding a fucking way to be the art warrior you respectively are IS the commonality.

The Doing is the brew.

Case in point: one of my favorite people on the planet left Sedona for greener pastures so she won’t be there for my other friend’s opening. I was upset lol- I really want them to meet. They both changed my life and tho there are correlations in their work that could make some of the deepest conversations ever hop off between them…all of our outputs are utterly different, & at various stages. There’s no competition, only admiring of each other’s racks lol. Artillery lol.

Very “…that’s a nice piece of weaponry you got in your lap~”

“Why thank you. I kill many things with this. Wanna hold it?lol.”

I’m yo wling at my favorite that I wished she’d be there & she’s happily howling at me that she got so inspired by how I do my thing When I arthead cowboy into a city that when she touched down in new territory she took them by Storm. I blush-grinned like a kid for Hours over that one.

And in reverse, things that I learned while helping her early last year, swooping in to Be what I was for those weeks gave me the framework I needed to know exactly what to ask the universe for in my currents. I’ve done for another what another set of hands are needed to do for me this pending leg. I know exactly, explicitly what to look for, what to ask. I’ve coordinated my own production teams before, in design. It’s not about that. It’s something else.

And the check-in/ accountability buffers are a game changer. Having people there, all “Making sure you’re being You, fully-” &having that attached to trackable outcomes is wonderful.

…Transcendence is going well.


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