Mondaze mercurial randoms: Are we a holographic simulation?/#Globalboho.



Whaddyamean how am I “just going to say NO?”

Because the Physics that I got turned out by ended with a thesis on Holography …and our realm actually doesn’t represent all the aspects necessary to constitute seeing this current reality as a simulation.

For One.

[Don’t believe me? Go do the research( I already have and stand firm on what I’ve discovered and inferred. Catch Up lol). Taking everyone else’s words for shit without sitting with the propsed facts ourselves is why we are where we are as a species in the first place.]

…but I DO believe THE VEIL is.

A simulation.

Maya. Web.

And I think we all portal into the ‘real’ to tangibly train to create simulations of our own To correct the realms we either come from or will be entrusted with.

I believe a veil is pulled over our “eyes” to give room to focus on Training, honing that instead of focusing on the actual reality of this world we are on.

I do not believe that was the initial intent but I believe it was allowed because God is brighter than the Demi-Ourgos by default and knew what could be culled from us Even in half-light, as well as the power of the greenhouse effect.

Could you focus if you knew the worlds thriving alongside you, beneath your feet and above your head? Maybe. A scattering can and do. Most used to go nuts with the slightest intimation of more to all this than the current set of books.

But because the veil has gotten thicker, even at our “greatest” we’ve tended to manifest as a paltry rendition of what we were meant to be as a species.

WHY? Due to interference by energies upset we got the right to get fingerprints in the first place.


The angelic realm in our understanding mimics human military rank or vice versa. The entire Luciferic Angle was based on a class of beings- created by the same thing that created them- groomed to have dominion, an aspect the angels supposedly Felt they were not groomed for and got butthurt about.

However, much of the crazy-assed I hear from Gods shit that lines up with fallen angel lore lines up with said fallen angels exhibiting that they do have dominion skills, albeit janky ones they focus on being worshipped on the surface of this Earth by humans.

I believe God May have intended to bring Angels into their Own leadership positions via ministering to humans on Earth. Which lines up with the best way to learn is to do/instruct. Dealing with us in all our mess would’ve unjanked Tha jank in their dispensation.

The fallen angels came from a place of jealousy, fear of lack, it not registering they had a deficit in dominion capacity until they saw their kid bros being groomed for it,then lashing out while blindly running away from the revealed truth. Classic eldest pissed at what the middle gets bestowed with, setting out to covertly splinter the middle kid into a lowgrade psychopath to get over being too stupid to ask before he saw it being doled out. They got pissy about our new sandbox, stupidly not seeing the junglegym God was about to present them with for ‘good looking out’ us.

This is why when we look up, the heliosphere seems put on pause.

There are even hints to all this in our mythology.

…For example: ARIES. IS. MARS. But big brother Aries was so keen on fucking with us humans in ways that stroked his ego like we were his pawns(which demonstrated to the entire universe what he’d have done entrusted with a teeming planet Of beings to rule(which is kinda missed pointed out wise in the lore)… That his planet LOOKS to us like a wasteland. But we’re not truly seeing IT, we’re seeing how HE SEES IT FROM HERE. He was offered a planet he’d have to cultivate and got all “No fair! I’d have to do all that work when Earth already is vibrant and you’re just Giving it to these morons that we’d have to Teach?! fuck that!”

So if we DO go there on a wave of Aggressive Aries energy, the mugs who’ve had to survive in the shadow of His slight are going to devour our species like enraged redheaded stepchildren…which is how their intended God treated us too, ironically.

You could look at every ye God synched planet in mythic antiquity and find this familiar foxtrot.

No body finished their work. They all got caught up on what God was doing here. Demi-Ourgosing.

Hindu Gods handled it slightly differently. Krsna ran his simulation veil with Dwarka 27000 some odd years ago and re-upped to his planet. Those among humans worshipping him now are intent on going to His planet when they finally can get the Fuck outta here. (Yeah, kinda stripping away the religiosity for the blunt this is sci fi rendition). But at least in the hindu faiths it’s retained that Humans are to be groomed for dominion of realms of their own.


The only things that truly benefit from our society embracing the lie that Earth is the simulation versus the veil over what is afoot and possible within and across the surface of Earth is the simulation…

Is something that could not rule with us stepping fully into our dominion.

They think in terms of dominance. And those among us that they infect do too.

Dominion is not the same energy as dominance. Two people walking in their personal dominion alongside one another have no need to dominate each other or anyone else…because they have their own chosen shit ascribed to them.

The Europeans that charged out into the world trying to dominate everything were barely a generation away from primarily being a serf stock…with the hive mind mentality of what we now see in America as the equivalent of malnourished house slave mentality. They went berserk trying to exert dominance because the concept of actual dominion was foreign to them, genetically snuffed out of the brunt of the stock. They even kidnapped humans with senses of cultivation and enslaved them, slavery being all THEY thought they knew, running away from wise. In actuality, the fuckers knew farming too, but their trauma of being in servitude to nobles mentally and emotionally outweighed that data.

[This is why things like Egypt building cities for their artisans and paying them on top of providing food clothing, shelter( and fu-reaking booze!) Was repressed for something like 130 years from the public records- whole nother post]


The pushers of Earth being a holographic simulation are in search of a new kind of psychic dominance addiction to block the dominion innate within us from fully coming online, to stop, or if nothingelse pervert its coming to fruition. But everything Old feels New again because the ancient stories that could help clarify things have been forgotten.

Maybe all the Gods that are supposed to be taking care of other planets got strung up here…earth as the universe’s opium den, and they’re as strung up on the wheel as they try to keep humans.

…and maybe we portal in As humans to find the tangible tools in the bizarre simulation allowed on earth to learn immersion-style how fixing shit and manifesting innately feels… and then are to take back to the realms these drunk godly mugs have forgotten about the tools We need there to help our societies as a whole…in their absense.

And that weird empath bent becoming apparent in a lot of us (that is being falsely propaganda’d as diametrically opposed to the more nefarious energies currently afoot…which it actually gives no fucks for)…testifies to Our species actually Being effectively primed FOR the dominion God instituted in the first place. All along.

That US under pressure is starting to tend towards giving a fuck about each other…may mean God was as right about ear-marking Us for dominion as he was about what the militant-oriented Angels would do without having learned how to care for the ‘less than’ than them.

The greenhouse effect they’re screaming against…May be the psychological “aberration” of all these empathetic Woke babies being born because the Half-Light frequency is getting holes burnt through it to let the “sun” shine in…And due to the greenhouse effect, the seeds(us) were primed for just that across millennia.

Maybe the chemtrails are those infected by all that trying to slow down the snowballing Woke-dom.

…it could all be NONE OF THIS too.

Just understand…

There ARE tipping points.

There are also wagging Dogs.

When the propagandists push some things a lil too hard…look in the opposite direction.

Trump screams Space Force…but who all ran to Antarctica when he stole the election?

Billionaires scream Mars…as new animals wash up on beaches from the depths and scientists “discover” veritable Oceans 20 miles beneath the crust of the earth. They haven’t even trekked every crevice of the Himalayas but they want the brunt of people discouraged from pushing through the ten mile mental/energetic forcefields around their po-dunk towns…to be thinking about Space…up there while freaking the fuck Out over beings a diff color than them Here attaining better lives than they’ve rutted down in like pigs fattened for slaughter.

They’ve conquered not ONE dimension of the first three.

Supposedly the Van Allen belt thwarts height dimension exploration. Feasibly, Antarctica is seen by many to thwart length. And the deepest we’ve been able to dig is like 8 miles into the crust of the earth, nevermind how far we haven’t been able to go depth-wise in the oceans.

& They can’t even fuck with time(the 4th) without honoring the masters who’ve been seen apocryphally to have conquered it

….Maybe they want you to think about the fifth dimension not to see their failures regarding the first three &the outright roadblock those failures are to exploring the fourth?


…It’s all very entertaining.

A nice mondaze random ramble.


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