Mood: Watch “Using bamboo to make some sophisticated old furniture——Bamboo Sofa” on YouTube

Tnt- that grandmother’s laughter when she came on the terrace and saw her grandchild making a COUCH…outta Bamboo…for giggles made my spirit Soar.

IF I am meant to have grandkids…they are going to be readied for the Apocalypse like this too lol. Maybe they’ll be via my books in some way, but still. This was so low-key badassed lol.

I’m so addicted to these videos! Lol- that’s ALL bamboo! Even the mats the cushions sit on! The filling for the pillow-3days! With a tea service table for the chaise!

The one thing I didn’t do while in New Orleans is head over to the Pearl river and Bamboo forest cultivated between Mississippi and Mobile. It necessitates a vehicle.

…The crystals are taking me deeper lol. I’m having Sunday breakfast with them, watching industrious Chinese chicks make corn liquor lol while I get lit off my homemade gut healing chai splice.

I did pick up a little Lapsang souchong to amplify the smokiness from the pulverized black cardamom shells and some silver needles to pull the mellow to the forefront and it’s made it all very cloudlike.

Was nudged towards this little piece of pink tourmaline the other day after hearing requests for some rubelite in my spirit for a while to no avail. It has to be the right piece. Only read into it after it made it home and the best thing about it was summed up for me as “Willingness.”

Kinda split me open, that one. Considering.

Between the rains everything is green here, with flowers that look like they’re from the Jurassic era or a Cat N the hat book bursting into bloom.

I need to find good green tourmaline. A palmable piece with a lot of clarity.

An interesting thing about all this rock lore for me is the intersection aspect. The latticework and recordabity key into my #thisisscifi angles, my fauvist aspects are gyrating against my color therapy leanings as the arthead growls this much closer intuitively to the next round of make your own pigment head, one that’s been groaning offstage since a reintro to sennelier revived damn near past life proclivities towards figuring true egg tempera.

A storm rolls up and over the hill behind the house and everything suddenly feels so cozy. Brahms lulls, chai warms…

A good Sundaze so far.


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