No joy as sweet…

As telling a bunch of citykids [ 11th graders ] about all the animals waiting for them out on their night hike –

“OOH! Deer?!”

“Yeah, …but these are Thuggish deer-”

“What the hell??”

“they will whip your-”

Then, after they spazzed the f out-

“WAIT-RACCOONS?! BUT I’VE GOT snacks~”a kid coated in hot cheetos dust cried out.

“You prolly shouldn’t take those…” I murmured calmly.

“Wait- Hawks?!”

Kids freaked out as I showed them the wingspan.

“oh, yall punks?! Lol-”

Chests stuck out across the gaggle of em, all “we are NOT punks~!” lol.

“There’s more of yall- if they come for you- jump’em~ now~ get on out- there”

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