Outfitterhead. #globalboho.

I spent the day doing fill in the gap food prep & interviewing professors for the next round of research, the night finally tackling the flow adjustment in my space and working on the big collage.

God has been needling about shifting writerhead territories since the turn of the year but it’s been nonstop daytripping, side gigging, research & submits …and I can’t move tables without cleaning where they’re moving from or to because I’m not trifling lol. #Virgohead/ #ifyouregonnamoveshitCLEANdamnyoulol!

…and of course, aforementioned head also meant that said “clean” had to be at least an 82% level (B-) kind of cleaning to count enough for me to go to sleep afterwards because I have issues that would’ve possibly led to dreams full of Dune-esque dust clouds and giant bunnies built of dander and hair that I would not have been amused on the other side of lol.

But the geistjuice came to a head when I looked over and this still, small voice said “I have to finish the collage to finish all else,” mystified, but meaning it.

Just said Okay & got to it. I moved one table(…there are three. In this shift, 5 in the space lol. Don’t judge me!lol all 5 are different heights for different stages of…why am I even explaining this?lol) & paper paint pounced like a suffocating man gulping fresh air.

I lost track of time as that dance repeated. Move. Clean. Paint. Repeat. The collage has been growing all week so it wasn’t exactly a block but you know how you’re tight in that yoga move you’re mastering until you’re not? It was like that.

The collage has expanded to within a hand of the floor and the full width of the wall & I stood there bewildered by what I saw as God murmured “…you’re going Up.” The entire space alongside the insight had to BE shifted, has me Michelangeloing a bit- planking. Completing the piece requires Elevation. It may end up nine feet tall. Which is fitting, due to the ceiling and the large illustrations hopping off alongside it.

It’s kinda cheeky. Not the collage, the weirdness I feel because this is the first time I’ve had to stand on a plank to finish a collage lol. Murals? I’ve been dangling from ceilings since being a artheadgrub at St. Ignazio lifetimes ago. But a collage? One I didn’t do in miniature and blow up into a big wall? Has me cheesing.

…but the insight mentioned above? That has me on my face.

This is going to be a wild year.


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