Something occurred this evening. My back went out.

Out of nowhere. At work.

I pushed through it.

Worked on. Did things slower, more mindful. But did them all the same. Did ballet.

At work.

Back was like “…what the hell?”

New Order.

It was Sacral.

So instead of “What am I not facing?” I see this as I’ve finished the root healing and my kundalini energy has blown a fuse climbing up into sacral zones.

…Which is kinda badasssed.

Hope I’m right.

Otherwise I might die lol.

But weirdly enough, in all the stones I’ve been drawing God nudged me Hard on something called creedite and I was given a gift of Orange calcite for adopting the red. Like the foster mama knew…which work was next. And I have both a red carnelian and an Orange carnelian from Sedona. And I just got a replacement copper too.

When the flare went off the Shaman covered the desk, I trusted God and went and grabbed the stones…which I’d absently placed in a Green triangular grid this morning.

My back is coated in Tiger balm…and I have my totem color therapy tee shirt that screams yes- so let’s DO this lol.

Duly noted- right before it flared from moving things someone showed up unexpectedly who I’ve had conflicting emotions about. Because granted, he’s fucking hot. My old triggers kind of hot. Normally I just avoid him.

Maybe the root work is like “sorry Girlie, THAT IS no longer an option~” because the pain erupted as I avoided his arrival, scampering away to handle other FOH things upon seeing him peripherally.

I was so bemusedly bewildered by the pain thrust that I- whose privacy tendencies outside of here turn out to be comically Scorpionic to my housemates- ended up wthing With an occasional coworker I rarely get to play with. Didn’t stop the pain but weirdly was what helped make the call to gaaaaah through it. Saying ” Fuck this hurts and isn’t normal for me” to another weirdo intelligent human on their own grind helped.

A guest gave me a glass of wine called Lost Angel at the end of my shift, saying everyone else was lost or something lol. Trying to decide if it’s going to be my vits tonight.

Second chakra shit.

I pray I’m ready.


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