Phü nû khöng sai by Wang Jianrong ft. Stuart Lanfang song [woman is not wrong]

This song had been hunting me all week and it’s only tuesday. I finally had to flip the script & track it down when I bopped out of bed to it.

…Everyone(under 30) is marveling online that these are 40& 50 yr olds in China making this thing catch fire.

I’m not surprised at all by the idea that the(19)64s to 84s are publicly shaking their asses en masse in Asia, no more than I am by us still dancing here. Everybody danced out in the world in the 90s. Gen Xers gone dance. One way or another.

…but geeez, this song! It’s an undulate your hara song…especially when he starts howling the chorus. Ionowhy but it pops me between the eyes. Its like an absent background bop thing lol, like old video game music chords lifted or something, iono-

In Vietnamese it translates to Don’t be wrong. But online they’re calling it woman is not wrong.

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