Representation matters,even for an fn 43 year old fashist/WELL PLAYED, Porter magazine/ #Globalboho.

Waiting for the last loads of laundry to wrap themselves in the scent of Woolite to classical music down in the basement.

I just lit some cedar rope incense [from Ritual Incense], put crashing waves on Paco, poured a glass of wine and settled onto my freshly made bed with the latest Porter Magazine, absently pondering what music to play.

Alice Coltrane (Turiya & Ramakrishna) is calling but so is Crime & the City Solution(six bells chime), even a lil Enigma (Return to Innocence)…issa weird mood but it’s chill so I’ll take it.

But I must admit… I looked down at the mag in my lap and had a moment.

Yara Shahidi is on the cover, as lively and lovely as ever. The kid slays every camera that comes her way thanks to that heart in her eyes and those genes from both her stunning mom And gorge dad.

But what stilled me tonight was looking down through my air-dried halo of ringlets, grabbing my wine to crack the magazine open…and realizing that in all these years, all that time spent loving, living for and leaving the fashion industry that this was the first time I was about to open a magazine that I love…that had my actual hair on the cover.

…Instead of letting it turn all bittersweet that it took all this fn time for something so simple and taken for granted by some to occur…I just want to send up a “Merika, Fuck yeah!” For the fact that Porter did it.

Even in black and white, those ringlets are wilding and roaring and I feel the fn Love.

And in the end…that’s all anyone really wants. To see some love shown for whatever their “AS-is”…is. In their relative vicinity lol.

I hope the rest of the mag takes my breath the Fuck away as much as the cover registering did.-AB.& yeah… Esmerelda howled at the moon over this lol.

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