Rode ways. #globalboho.

An evening on the other side of another driving lesson…

My instructor made me drive him to the ocean again to start. It makes me grin even now because I think of all the times I’ve done the same from the passenger seat.

I’m Grateful, not only for a beautiful day but also for the end of the shutdown insanity, which manifested in my neck of the woods as the lifting of road closures on epic, steep, hair-pin turn filled roads that hug cliffs facing the Golden Gate [channel] & the Pacific. There was a lot of bobbing and weaving before sliding into the traffic of Sausalito proper, even a campy Starbucks drive thru pit-stop.

But the penultimate was him having me take us into areas I’d never seen high up in the hills & then politely ordering me to do a U-turn in a vista point with no pre-amble.

“WHAT?!” I howled, laughing my ass off because my F ureaking BODY was Already like “Say no more, Fam!” & we were in it so hard & fast before the question mark that I squealed, stopping just short of doing the requested at each session Donut. Telling ya, I cheesed like the angel I am, lit on fire.

On the way back down he casually told me about a place in Sonoma on the weekends, a chunk of land that someone opened so people can go and race their own cars, 🍩s and all.

In second place for penultimacy was, with 20 minutes left to go, getting the Starbucks drive thru okay AND the okay to hit the Highway to make it back in time, my first time for both.

I’ve been asked why I didn’t just go take the test to get my permit many times. The truth is simple: I wanted a sitch where I’d actually been IN a car and had learned to actually operate it beforehand, especially since with said permit I’d be asking people to entrust ME With Their vehicles. Even with them in the car it never sat right with me Since I knew I didn’t know what I was doing yet. Besides, I’d taken practice versions of the written test years ago. Failed once, passed three times.

Passing a written test wasn’t the issue. Guiding 2000 pounds of steel with comprehension and confidence in my bones had to be there for me first.

Next up?

Night driving. With none of that “Ahhh!The killer’s in the back seat!” Horror film high beam hijinks type shenanigans seeping out of me lol.

…I’m going to have to get that out of my system ahead of time.


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