Root Wërk.

I’ve been so drawn to garnet & carnelian for the past year and a half.

Sedona during RITU.alist I just became besotted, claiming my first piece of raw carnelian blindly.

With garnets, it’s a lil known secret that northern new Mexico is a rockhunter’s paradise. I used to find raw garnets once a week, have them outfit the interior of the boholoveshack for a bit, then release them into the cultured wilds of the mugwort & herb garden outside my window. In fact, my final going away Taos gift to myself was a little jade, lapis lazuli & a tumbled piece of garnet that seemed to hum in the dark.

A lot of first and second chakra work began there, laying the foundation for everything that followed in the field.

I’d looked for a garnet mala for over a year after all that. In the end I shyly told the team at Mala Prayer- the spot that created my Mala necklace made of lava rocks- that if ever they made one in garnet I would get it.

They finally did and I finally was able to honor my promise after hitting a few root oriented goals I’d placed between me and it.

The changeover from a focus on honoring the raw to embracing the beauty of being consciously shaped, polished again is bittersweet. Like a favorite candy that makes you pucker.


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