Seasonal Baseline Vitamin coursework, #thevalentinesdayedition/ #globalboho.

…Maybe it’s not romantic. Wanting to make sure you don’t die, that you’re shored up.

…but maybe it is.

Maybe it’s pragmatic. I won’t have to worry as much if you do it. It’s not good for me to worry.

Either way.

Trust me.

This is the baseline for this month for me. Seeding myself for optimal clarity and energy in March.

A LOT going on in March.

I need to be ready for.

If you need to be 100 too, do it with me.

A LOT more things will be taken/added as they arrive but this is the baseline. More info on supplement arcs, vitamin courses and menus will be coming over the next few. Going Blinded me with Science mode lol. Come along.

The 2019 VFit vitamin Course Baseline.

If you do nothing else at least factor these following guys in. Small doses. Foundation for pending courses.

1. Chlorophyll with green juice.

The first thing that hits your body. Doesn’t have to be a lot. Yes, supplement even if you’re doing raw juice. This is about leveling up. Chlorophyll is one molecule away from blood. It will clear anything out of your blood that needs to go. Don’t do the mint flavored liquid. I lean towards capsules because it’s stealth, slows the release into the bloodstream.

2. Eat something. Before coffee and cigarettes since everybody is nervous these days. It’s easier on your adrenals. The chlorophyll and a simple, small nosh before coffee sets your day up in a synergistic way. If you have the coffee first you’re killing your fire within. If food is already in you’re stoking it.

3.Take maca with that food.

4. Put Black pepper essential oil in your coffee. & Turmeric if you can handle it. It’ll trounce any internal inflammation. Really see if you can migrate towards dirty golden milk lattes which are turmeric lattes with a shot of espresso in them. Cafe Gratitude is everywhere now, even in San Fran. Get their barista to give you a deeper d.L. on why it’s the earthy way to go.

These things will purify your blood, cut any swelling and inflammation down, oil the inner works. The order works With your system not against. Think of this as my baseline inner tigerbalm’ing both me…and you if you come with.

…If you want to go deeper, add clove oil & cinnamon oil to that coffee you have After food. Make It medicinal-not tasting, but acting. Coffee Can be good for you. It’s the perfect delivery system, actually. Endocrine system health for men and women , diabetes protection-

Like I said… Maybe it’s not romantic, but maybe it is.

The Maca alone is definitely gonna make you feel like it is lol.
It’ll be like a French kiss (you want lol) to your system… and doing the other things ensures the more you move through the month the better IT is gonna feel.



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