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Y’all have heard me crowing about Shikakai for half a year now. Whenever I’ve used it I’ve been floored but the Force (of a small residual stockpile of mellow-cherished Kerastase) on me was strong.

Had to finish it, then had to wait out all the false instinctive lunges back towards it. And THEN I had to sit with the new batch of shikakai powder in-house for a while to see if I really was ready to sign on to this fully for the next 3 months, even on the road. For a natural haired gypsy, even one as globalbohowired as I am, it IS a relatively big commit due to other aspects of the ecosystem.

Because it’s messy.

It’s sexy-messy(not even going to explain that one lol), But messy all the same.

The final daytime driving lesson helped make the call. Doing the Big C road up here and the road over to the vista point, undulating.

The vision of piling my few things into a rental and languidly driving back to LA via Big Sur to hole up in a beautifully landscaped bunker/bungalow in the hills and finish the next five books of the gc universe [hermetically sealed (except on Saturdays lol)] is cut into my sternum, and the hair I see flying in that vision is doing what Esmerelda does when she’s been shikakai’d lol.

And for all I know I may cut it all off into a chin length bob before that happens, but still. Either way, I see the hair as happy.

It also helped that with all the deliberation on this between everything else I nailed my mix. And that I absently thought to save kerastase and toleraine bottles instead of tossing them into recycling because they made much better applicators than the suggested nib tipped bottles for me.

It is also suggested to use coconut oil.

I don’t.

Not Blasphemy.

Coconut oil works. Duh. But if you Dig your actual curl pattern- & I do-coconut oil eventually relaxes it a bit. Your hair eventually reverts, but still. & yes, you’d have to use a lot. But if you have thick hair you DO use a lot unless you’re trying to be cute.

So feel free to do the pregaming With coconut oil As routinely suggested, but If you have thicker hair Walnut oil, Hazelnut oil, Sesame oil(not roasted) or Apricot Kernel oil can work too. I think they all work better.

Y’all with thinner thick hur( ya know who ya’are reading this lol) try grapeseed oil, olive oil as well as the coconut. Your hair will let you know what feeds it best in this instance. Oh. No store-bought amla oil. Baseline is mineral oil &all this other madness. Make your own. Easy. The waiting is the hardest part.

My weapon of choice is pregaming with Hemp oil, postgaming with Apricot Kernel oil. Why?

My hair eats Hemp oil Up. Scalp too. So everything that I want open when the skikakai hits IS open. And even tho Shikakai’s raves amongst curly haired women ring loudly with shouts of “Detangling FN Miracle!!” On its own, apricot kernel oil on its own in wet hair is like the second coming of christ to curls. Tangles drop like folks getting demons cast out at revivals. Apricot Kernel oil yells sliding through your hair like Oprah giving away cars for Christmas. & You can never be too detangled in my opinion lol.

But how, Sway?!

Douse your scalp and dry hair with whatever oil you’re going to use, massage it in, pop on a shower cap you’re not attached to and go on your way. Easiest hot oil treatment ever. 5 minutes, 30 minutes, all day, overnight- whatever. In fact, adding that alone to your hur reptoire may change your hair life on its own.

Mix the shikakai like you make rice- 1cup to 1.5 cups warm water. Take off the cap- your still technically dry hair will unfurl like it’s stepping out of a steam bath lol.

Stir the shit out of the shikakai. If you’re putting anything else in it- ayurvedic herbs, essential oils, add’em. It’ll get latte frothy, just the color of red ochre.

Get IN the shower & Geterdone.

Y’all know I love steaming in utterly impractical ways but Here it makes Virgoan sense. Turn on the hot water but don’t wet your hair. The head steam you fed your scalp with under the cap will lead to your hair strands gobbling the hot steam up-

There are all these really dark, sexy entendres I’m doing my best not to write-, so I’m searching my brain for a less explicit analogy…for the children lol.

…ever meet a hot guy on a hot night and y’all not figure out until three days later neither of you spoke enough of the other’s language to have figured out all the demented things you had just gleefully done to one another?

…Shikakai like that with the steam.

…The Point is (…don’t give me that look if you have no idea of the headiness in all of that! Go Live, damn you!lol)~

Getting the shikakai all over everything is facilitated by the steam, by hothouse flowering the whole thing. And applying it IN the shower means more localized clean up. Because it’s going to get all over you and EVERYTHING else. But it’s good for your skin so it’s fine. It works great as a body wash too, actually.

Lol-put it on your scalp, massage it into all of your hair…and leave it alone. The steam factors in here too. I’ve done it with steam & without. The shikakai soaked in fast as fuck in the steam and my hair just drops down between my shoulder blades while I’m usually caught up in whatever body brushing, scrub or mask I’ve decided to handle hand in hand with this.

You will feel your hair morph as you rinse it out.

And you will make DEEP peace regarding all the things out there technically not made for your hair, made with no consideration for your kind nor your kind of hair.

Because while the ignominy of all that tries to pepper your path, right On the side of That Road you walk the God that made this rock we live on…planted a tree.

And as for the whole “But it’s Indian!”

It works on Hair and skin regardless of the levels of melanin.

As for the “Who are you to use~”huffing…which Has happened- what, with “Black folks coming into Their stores, using their things” nonsense…


The mother culture that compiled All of the knowledge ayurveda stems from was the Dravidian one. It was all co-opted by “Aryan conquerors.” That dark skinned, lowest rung of the caste system was once the highest.

So if The “they” selling it make it racial, you go High…ly historical. Fuck their cognitive dissonance & have fun figuring out how to play with your hair.

Just Saying.



Those I said that last part TO…know what I said it For. Globalboho is an assignation, not a pigmentation. Don’t let ANYone trash talk you out of that simply due to where you touched down this time.

The fullness of the world is yours to explore. That’s the true Globalboho beautyhack.

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