Superbowl Sunday: They Live!

“Are you watching the game?”

“Are the Browns playing?”

“Has aaa!-If that’s a factor you’ll never watch another Superbowl in your life-”

“Until they’re playing with no padding Aussie-rules style, or on asphalt playing touch I-”

“No one does that anymore!”

“And That’s what’s wrong with America!” She yells, victorious. “Ya punkasses!Back in My Day- there was street football! Street hockey!”

He’s completely stupefied. She pauses bashfully.

“Actually, I’ve watched not one football game this season-“she grins.

“Who cares! You’re a damn near savant picking the winners! I wanna gamble!”

“…no.” She demurs.

“Come on! Do you know how much money I made off that Seahawks-”

“How much of that bank did ya give to me?” She asks, miffed. He blushes hotly but can say nothing.

“I’m going to watch They Live-” she says the same way a boxer’s wife would say they’re taking the kids to their sister’s house.

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