…The aforementioned riff on a carved cinnabar pomegranate bowl dream/ #Globalboho.

For the record…

I think this one’s only 12″ across.

(Aka: Packable lol)

The one I see in my mind is like 18″ across, at least 6″ deep. Like visit a museum twice a week just to look at you big. I’m talking “you could bathe a baby in there!” Dreamy dimensions lol

…When I finally settle into some sort of bona fide homesteading type long range sort of thing, some approximation of something like this Will be acquired and pomegranate’d up, probably even before a couch lol.

Definitely before a couch.

Because I want to upholster the right small couch in this Globalboho travel pillow fabric.

Which I weirdly do know how to do. Another parental gifting. Gotta give’ em props for that lol. That was the baseline for my proficiency working with cool upholstery fabrics in ABM a lifetime ago.

…And I’m sure I’ll crave red corn prior to getting around to all that finding a couch stuff, especially with all the energy it’s going to take to manifest the right place and not go all outright Diane Vreeland’s garden in hell with all the red love.

But at least I’m seeing that homesteading as a possibility. That’s huge.

Perfect live/work space in a city there’s a point for me being in long-term, with a built-in buffer to being in said city. Riff on this Bowl. Pomegranates & other tropical fruits always grabbable. A particular dress. A steam room set up at home. Wheels.

… And then the hunt for the couch. Lol.

Future Game plan.


Random musing.

I work a split midniter tonight from 6pm. So I’m chilling. Craving fries. Bok choy. & ribs. With a fried egg on top to call it brunch.

Which is technically all downstairs.

Because…God is good.


& of course, being who I tend to be, I’m laying here hmming as my brain splices memories (of that durn end of 1st year design school organic ameoba wood hand thing That could be fracked into a bowl, love of linoleum block printing, carving, cinnabar and resins in general) & goes “It can’t be THAT hard to do,right? It’s just thin layers of resin built up and carved…”

It can go on the list.

For Afterwards.

Finishing all on tap-wise.


…but hmmmm.

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