The funny thing about racism is…

Racism itself.

90% of those declaring themselves to be Liberal folks are as if not more racist than their Klan card carrying cousins, moms, boyfriends.

90% of those making sure YOU, a person of color Knows They’re the one who always snaps back at their in-law when they say something racist-the ones who’ve “done a lil for themselves” and have distanced themselves from “that vitriol”…have still been quietly steeped in it their entire lives.

I’m from Cleveland, Ohio, one of the most in your face racially charged cities in America for 100 years. Learned early on Not all villains wear hooded capes.

Learned early on Not to give a Fuck about them yet pay very close attention at the same time because they’re wired to tell on themselves. It’s up to you to feel like reading after a point. And it’s always the same toxic understory.

So why does it seem to get to me here? I was based in NOLA four years, MIAMI three, New Mexico almost 2. Hotbeds of fucked up racial tension.

…Because here they outright lie to themselves in a way that’s dangerous. For everyone.

That girl could’ve been harmed. Even if she’d fought back and won she would’ve never been the same. Ever. They’ve homogenized the filter that should’ve picked up on that…out.

THAT is the zombie factor here. It’s not the city. It’s PEOPLE.

Coming out of college in design there were two hallowed choices: NYC & San Francisco. The white people who couldn’t stand or take having to be toe to toe with people of any color spectrum other than their own in their fields headed to San Francisco in droves.

Those fuckers had kids. Who are now reproducing, from here on north.

They don’t understand they’re not angry at their extended family for Having those beliefs. They’re angry at them- and loudly around melaninated folks, always protesting just a bit too much- for Reminding them the soup they’ve stewed in their entire lives.

They’re angry that this person is talking racist trill to Them like they know them, like all that professed love of Tupac & Wu-Tang, of 90 s R&B &Beyonce, that carefully constructed, “cultured,” well rounded, Pepsi commercial shit they’re shilling is the Emperor’s new clothes. They know in that racist brother’s comfort to speak With them like that is proof they can read their soul. And it freaks them out.

But never enough not to be wrangled in real life by the same beast into shit like last night. The younger they are the more blindly it is done. They don’t even realize. What complicity is. How it bubbles out of them in situations like one with a young black girl & an older obviously psychotic white man.

Some of you are reading this right now and it’s hitting close to home. But it has yet to dawn on you in all your elan that there’s a reason for that.

I know who you are and why you still read. Why you tracked me down here after I closed all other broadcasting channels. Why you were too caught up in your racist tendencies to think you’d come to a channel that can pinpoint all who tune in.

For clarity’s sake.

For what’s next.


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