The synchronicities of actual community, a new, true experience/#Globalboho.

Y’all are feeding on the blow by blows because that is the commitment I’ve made to this writing ‘modality.’ All of Globalboho is a living document from my vantage point.

A loner finding healthy footing in communist situations could be a secondary title to all this gypsying.

The medicine woman’s bent was notoriously more Loki-vibed when interacting with students in a hands on way so when things went askew avoidance of that complimented my solo guinea-pigging nature.

In fact, my first true energy healing session on the mountain went down with a German Reiki master passing through the ski lodge a few weeks before I left the mountain last year. She was trans, traveling as a woman in her early 60s…but she was clear. And she cleared powerfully.

I’m weird about touching. I’m very comfortable in my body, almost languid, and it’s amplified in intimate settings. Virgo in the earthy, tactile sense. But I had to force myself across a spread of decades to be okay with hugs. Giving or receiving. Inverse amplification of that reserved construct. It took a lot of work. The Reiki healer was a major breakthrough. It was because of what God allowed her to remove that Sedona was such a physical lovefest. The physical affection those artists outpoured onto me when I returned last January would have been violently traumatizing prior to that.

The shy openness experienced in Venice was built upon that too. And so on. It’s been a journey that has even affected the VFIT protocol I do.

I got back into yoga in a totally different way, intent on mastering certain poses-which requires nailing the poses that make that targeted pose masterable. That’s been afoot since the start of the year.

A lot of the root opening events have happened because of this. The powerful way that hit led me to re-order a book I’d bought in New Orleans that was part of the library stolen in the move from Miami to Los Angeles in 2016.

I wanted to see how it hit a second time around.

All of what I’m describing so far is as insular as I tend to be. Whatever I go through, I consciously go through alone. My lab is a mountaintop, Hephestus has no helpers style.

But I’ve noticed a distinct change out here. Especially with this injury.

As soon as it happened I was able to speak about it with casual companions, even expressing my bewilderment. I normally vent in here & suffer thru shit. Go thru it to get thru. Scorpionic rising Privacy shit. But this time I shared it…& with someone who normally makes me very uncomfortable. & He asked me things about it like he was trying to gauge the wtf With me, something I’d not ever experienced. There was this weird openness about pain.

But it didn’t stop there.

From the Shaman’s potent insights to the Monk, it’s really just been this…experience…that has been healing in its interactivity each step of the way. Everyone’s trying to help from their own storehouse, clear.

And tonight, when I finally showed Monk what I did (something simple that we all do daily on this gig) and picked up a book in his room, on instinct turning to a section on the marma point(which I had not hurt, btw)

…He went and showed me what I did and how to correct it with such authority that I was momentarily stunned.

He basically grinned “I’m a massage therapist (remember?duh~snap outta it lol),” and got into it.

I’d Totally Forgot he was.

And after arming me with some counter moves, he then got led into sacral stuff-amplifying what I’d been led to- & how women’s pelvises are during the birthing process, how women release chemicals and our pelvis pretty much breaks-

And it clicked.

From the 15th on I’m to be in full-on birthing mode across multiple endeavors.

ALL this could be the physical manifestation of labor pains on a whole new level for me.

It totally explains the lost of appetite and my body’s absent response of “give me some Pinot or Shiraz” lol. Weeklyfoodprep actually grew out of cooking inordinate amounts of quiche in Harlem, filling the icebox so I could force myself up for air to go heat up stuff.

But laying here with legs strapped as directed( and it helping) the openness I’ve had to every aspect of this out here, from the pain to the prescriptions is all the more a whole new world.

…Pain heals too?

In this way, I neva knew~.


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