Maca…is tha TRUTH.


Oh MY fUCKING god.

I’ve been team Ashwaganda for years and team Dong Quai, occasionally playing with Astragalus too…but the medicine woman advised not crossing them with maca because they cancel each other out when you’re unbalanced. Maca can do what all the adaptogens do hardcore…but if your system is not ready for That…if you haven’t been getting your shit in order…it’s not a~ it’s nothing compared to the pure hit.

You gentle balance first…So when you really take Maca it’s hitting a “readied” system. Same with chaga and mushrooms. It’s wise to “do the work” before throwing all that in, expecting a miracle.

I tried it anyway(#curious) & it was murky. It cut ashwaglow just like she’d said.

I took it to heart.

So… I Prepared for it. Across years lol. A huge part of VFIT is conscious supplementation/vitamin courses but I learned how to adaptogen blend like a motherfuck under the eye of that medicine woman. Some of you remember that research & guineapigging.

Two months ago I’d factored mushrooms back into my diet after Years away from them with astounding results that were a litmus test for my system.

I finally felt like my system was ready.

Told a friend whose common ground is all of this that I was ready to deep dive Maca, asking timing pointers. We went straight into our version of the movie Airplane, jive-talking nutriceuticals and shit.

Then HE proceeded to give the most hilarious NSFW supplemental cautionary tale I’ve ever heard rd d in mah liiife to pregame me.

Like pearl clutching, grabbing the top of your bathrobe closed at your clavicle in modest shock pregaming… that even iiiii will not repeat lol. Because I’m a fuckin’ Lady, that’s why! Lolol- it was deep.ly.descriptive lol, even for me. My ears almost burst into flames. Medicine woman hadn’t mentioned Any of that, that’s for sure!

Then I was like “……nah~ it can’t be liiiike~” but just in case, I heeded his directive to take it in the morning.

If you’ve been ambling alongside my experiments with these supps the way you say…you’re ready for this…

But I’m telling you…

I’m telling you-

Oh my God.

Take it.

…taaaaaaakkkke iiiiittt.

And as for you (#yaknowwhoyaare lol) Lol-it’s the only way you’ll survive Me taking it…

Lolol- and iiii may never not take it Again lol-

I almost needed to see a priest after it… Hit lol.

…And on a clean, prepped system It’s the most unassuming thing. You think you’re fine, all Howdy Jim, nice day at the office then


…Dear God!!

Trust me…Purify your f ureaking personage in the waters of Lake Minnetonka prior. For Real.

Iono if that’s a sunrise or a mushroom cloud but it felt like both, so~


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