Weeklyfoodprep. #Globalboho. #geterdone #gearhead.

Broiled Salmon arugula salad with roasted parsnips, avocado & parmesan.

Fennel and potato raw juice vitamixed with crushed pineapple & lemon juice.

Salmon avo sushi rice bowls with baby Portobello mushrooms.

Whole fat vanilla yogurt parfaits with frozen cherries and homemade golden berry almond butter granola.

…Plus stashes of all I need to rebuild bowls & salads on autopilot. This weekly food prep took under two hours due to the foundational prep & stash two wks ago.


+2lbs of cranberry puree and enough cans of organic pineapple, potatoes and fennel for 3 repeats of this juice, with blood oranges, mandarins & a few oranges just in case;

+ turmeric & ginger puree, turmeric powder, whole milk, cardamom, cinnamon, red pepper flakes, brahmi & bhringraj powder, shilajit, & blackstrap molasses for full-on #Halcyonlattes lol, black pepper oil incoming;

+all the fixings for a readjusted Master cleanse(la Maestra/ La Magra):no to maple syrup, yes to blackstrap molasses, shift into limes,shift set number of days;

+backup eggs, arugula, Green salsa, white crumbly cheese & tortillas AND backup golden berry granola & pancakes;

+espresso already medicinally spiked with my ayurvedic herbs & spices;

+2019 tea splice.

I LOVE cooking. But I’m loving the werkhead I’m in so much that I’ll forget to eat until like 2 allot of days. When I’m learning… I just can’t- &knowing this is what was truly behind Me hammering this #weeklyfoodprep thing so hard over the past few years.

I LOVE food. I taste selflove in food & it sustains something deep in me- in werk or research mode that can’t be cut out. It’s been about finding, fleshing out and flowing in my opticals, understanding cravings from a deeper place so it’s more than autopilot. It’s been exploring, researching, shapeshifting, cycling through healthy decadence openly and finally…


…A huge one of my vitamin courses is coming up. You guys who have been around áwhile know how biblebelt I get on these. This season’s course may just take the cake. I’ve been building towards this one with all the nourishing detoxes of the last eight months… So if you’ve been riding shotgun don’t worry…you’re ready. There’s no turning back. More details coming.


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