Whirlpool. Latter Day fairy tales. #globalboho.

…the room is thick with palo santo oil diffusing as I wait in housemate line to make my latte.

I woke up early today, these words playing on my lips, the sentence flipping around like a wild fish that could sense the water was still nearby. I let it go and it leapt away in surprise at its freedom. A few moments later only its eyes broke the surface, curious, wondering why I let it go .

I smirked and dopped it gently on the nose. It deep-dove again, embarrassed, as I floated on.

The fish jumped into the air on the other side of the boat & catapulted back in, splashing around in the waters gathering at the bottom of the hull like a content puppy. I laughed and tapped him on the nose again.

He went into convulsions.

I became panicked but when he was sure he had my attention he spat out the hook that had been troubling him so long.

I picked it up and peered at it, eyes watering because I could feel what he must’ve felt with it lodged there paled in comparison only to the pain it must’ve taken to get it out.

I lifted him in my hands again then kissed him gingerly on the forehead before releasing him to the wild waters one more time.

He stayed by my boat until the end of time and was waiting for me when I returned to the sea of eternity.

Happy Sunday.

It’s fucking with me.

Each others eyes vs.

Each Other’s eyes. I know it’s the latter in my cosmological blueprint, but still lol.

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