Whoosh~ #Globalbohoglides…

…Today was another day slicing through the snakelike roads of Marin.

I knew he was as hooked as I was when after our first round he casually went “let’s head back to the Ocean, retracing your steps from before.”

It’s low key epic, that particular sidling up to the water.

Afterwards I plowed towards the ribbon-like road that pulls you up to the edge of the realm then looks back out over the bay & San Francisco proper.

The waters beamed and the bridge glowed in the sun as we pointed towards it since the road I Really wanted had “IMPEACH TRUMP!” scrawled across the sign announcing its shutdown- triggered closure.

But the road to the Golden Gate gave it good anyways, pin turns plotted out by orange cones to compensate for the bondage the closure would otherwise cause on its normally straightforward two lanes.

For the visual, imagine me blissed out of my mind bobbing and weaving in brilliant sunlight, a steep drop-off of incandescent blue to my right, gorgeous green cliffs to my left, the bridge on fire ahead.

We got to the bottom and I merged left under the bridge before whipping through the one way tunnel that takes you back into Neverland out here, picking up so much speed that I grunted before I could censure myself.

I… LIKE…This~

I growled appreciatively.

“Yeah, that’s the speed you’re going to have to do on the highway so it’s good you do,” the teacher chuckled, his foot ready on the break on his side just in case I didn’t get the hint to slow the fuck down blasting out of the tunnel.

By this time I’m giddy like a 5 year old over parking between cars and shit as we slide back onto the undulating roads around where I am, in traffic, gleeful over not running over cyclists lol as one Should be about those things lol.

I was not even thinking of the point system that used to fill my days riding shotgun with crazy folks and speed demon granddaddies in old caddies, bouncing as we whipped over railroad tracks like Steve McQueen long after outside suggestions to relinquish said freedom had begun being floated to them.

Why not? Because I was paying attention to the road, maaaan! Lol.

Because that’s the flip side of initial driving traumas. There was a Reason my big brother put me behind the wheel at 13. Not only did inherit his comic books, I got his hot wheels, his car mags, his calendars- before my ride was going to be a Ford Mustang with racing stripes or the 70s cherry red t-top corvette my dad sunk my fn ( worked for) college fund into in parental War of the Roses mode, it was a red Lamborghini. A shiny one. That my crazy ten year old ass was gleefully looking forward to stunting in AND on top of lol. And say what you want, my car chase movies made as a kid With those inherited hot wheels and tracks were wild enough to keep the interest of a smart assed boy 4yrs older than me. I was fine coming around the corner- he just didn’t even think of teaching me how to stop- that’s why I hit the building lol. I’m realizing now he was as surprised as I was lolol.

(Eh. It’s a weird mix.)

I actually asked my instructor if he’d teach me to Do donuts and was dead serious too! Coming down that zig-zag coned out road emboldened me lol(I actually have something to thank the white house for lol).

He laughed and said “that’s not in our list of lessons~” without missing a beat.

When I came back I was glowing. Still am. Have already done cursory glances towards stunt driving schools up here, even. Long gaming.

But in the meantime, the near goal that driving today got me craving was the road down to Big Sur.

I can close my eyes and see that road. I should with all the times I’ve just watched footage from it. With my ex we went above Napa and headed west until we hit the US1 and slid down it back to Stinson Beach before barreling through SF to Half Moon Bay. He let me behind the wheel for a little bit out in the vineyards on the way to Bouchon in Yountville, Queen’s crazy lil thing called love blasting AFTER he took the wheel back, slamming into Killer Queen after. Fn Sonics, maan. That’s keyed IN there. Sheesh.

…I need to start figuring out the sonics for this Big Sur ride. Then I need to play it…as I’m studying lol. Until I get there.


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